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  • EMHC to the Altar
  • EMHC to the Sick


In recent years the Church has established Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
  It is a great privilege to distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the members of the congregation. 

For information about serving in this ministry:   Ministry Qualifications

For current procedures for ministers:   Eucharistic Minister Procedures (Revised Dec 2013)

For Diocesan EMHC Guidelines: Diocesan Guidelines (2015)

For a diagram of EM stations in the church   click here

Ministers may log into a secure website to gain access to their currently scheduled Masses, to access roster information and to request substitutes and propose trades for their assigned services. The address is:

Last updated 12/16/2014



Have you ever been sick in the hospital
; lying in bed alone without any visitors and all you can do is pray to Jesus for His help, peace and comfort?   Suddenly your prayers are answered.   Into your room walks a Eucharistic Minister who brings you the best medicine – Jesus Himself – to help you and bring you peace and spiritual comfort.   In your heart you were overjoyed and thankful that this person came to visit you and brought you the most precious gift of Jesus in the Eucharist.   Or perhaps you couldn’t receive the Eucharist, so the Eucharistic Minister, with Jesus present, offers to say a prayer for your healing and comfort.   This could have happened to you, a loved one, a friend, a child or an elderly person.  

The Eucharistic Minister could be the only visitor the sick may receive.  This is a very challenging and rewarding ministry!  If you feel a desire or a calling to bring our Lord, Jesus Christ, please contact the rectory office. 



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