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When the Scriptures are read in the Church, God Himself speaks to His people, and it is Christ, present in His Word, who proclaims the Gospel.

The proclamation of the Word of God is truly a service to the Church.  Lectors bring the living Word of God to the assembly.  The ministry of the Word should, therefore, be treated seriously and with real dignity.

The word of God is not merely read during the liturgy.  It is proclaimed, yet it's not a theatrical show.  It involves the delivery of the message with clarity, conviction and appropriate pace.  It demands the ability to evoke faith in others by demonstrating one's own faith.

In the readings, the treasures of the Bible are opened to the people; this is the table of God's Word.  Reading the Scriptures is traditionally considered a ministerial function proclaimed by a Lector.

The main responsibility of the Lector is to proclaim the good news of the Scripture to the assembly, to let people truly hear the Word that is to shape their lives.  To do this effectively, the Lector must have a strong personal faith and be able to reveal that faith through simple, natural delivery of the Word.

Preparation of the Sunday readings demands a prayerful approach, a listening attitude, an acceptance of the Word revealed now and an intimacy with the Word.  Practical preparation involves mastering difficult words, learning the right pronunciations and practicing the delivery of the text aloud.  The immediate preparation requires arriving in ample time (15 minutes) before the liturgy, locating the readings in the Lectionary, and a prayerful 'last' read over.

The Lector is expected to participate in the entire Liturgy as one of the worshipping assembly.  The St. Hedwig Lector must be a fully initiated, practicing Catholic, registered in this parish.

If you have the talent and the ability to become a good reader please contact the Coordinator of this Ministry: Virginia Fitzsimons at 562-430-7628.

Lectors may log into a secure website to gain access to their currently scheduled Masses, to access roster information and to request substitutes and propose trades for their assigned services. The address is:







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