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The proclamation of the Word of God during Mass is a ministry to the Church and needs to be treated seriously and with dignity.  It involves delivering  the Scripture readings with clarity, conviction and appropriate pace.  In the readings, the treasures of the Bible are opened to the people; this is the table of God's Word.

The main responsibility of the Lector is to proclaim the Good News of the Scripture to the assembly.  To do this effectively, the Lector must have a strong personal faith and be able to reveal that faith through the simple, natural delivery of the Word.

Preparation of the Sunday readings requires a prayerful approach.  Practical preparation involves mastering difficult words, learning the right pronunciations and practicing the delivery of the text aloud.  It is very important to fulfill your monthly commitment and to arrive 15 minutes prior to Mass in order to prepare.

The Lector is expected to participate in the entire Liturgy as one of the worshipping assembly.  The St. Hedwig Lector must be a fully initiated, practicing Catholic, unless serving at the Life Teen Mass as a youth lector.

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If you feel that you are Called to be a Lector, please contact the Coordinator: Monica Wissuchek at 562-799-0231.








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