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The ministry of ushering is as old as the Catholic Church.  And, in fact, the usher's handbook tells us it dates back 600 years beyond the birth of our Lord.  Ushers perform this task for a variety of reasons, but there is a common thread among these, which is our desire to serve the community, assist our clergy and add another dimension to our worship. 

The usher ministry is more than collecting the congregation's gifts at Sunday mass; it is about presenting a warm and welcoming face to all those folks who enter the church and providing a helping hand to those in need.  And it is here that we find an earthly reward in that tender, warm smile and thank you when we simply have done our job.  We are also rewarded regularly when we ask a member of the congregation to help with the collection with their kind and generous response.  The usher's handbook also tells us the usher must strive to be a people person and what better place to accomplish this than in the Lord's House. 

If anyone is interested in this ministry please contact the rectory at 296-9000 and an usher will contact you promptly.

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