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Parish Pay

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How Do I Enroll in ParishPay?

Click here to signup online: Enroll in ParishPay.   (Please do not click the "anonymous" box.) 

If you need help enrolling or do not have access to the Internet, call the parish office at 562-296-9000 to arrange support.

How Do I Modify My ParishPay Account?

After you have enrolled in ParishPay, use this link to update/modify your payments or other information.

Note: checking/savings accounts are debited on the 5th of each month.   Changes must be made by the 3rd of each month in order to take effect on the 5th.



What is Automated Giving? 

An alternate means of support for St. Hedwig instead of envelopes.  In lieu of weekly collections, the ParishPay program will collect monthly contributions from your checking, saving, or credit card account (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover). There is no cost to participate in the program. 

What are the benefits to me?

  • Allows you to plan your giving, in the same way you budget your other financial commitments. 

  • You no longer have to be concerned about catching-up missed offertory donations when you miss a Mass because you are out of town, on vacation, ill, etc.

  • You can easily adjust the amount of your automated contribution (up or down) through the Rectory or do it yourself via a secure website access.

  • You no longer need to write a check every week.

How does it relate to the use of the weekly envelopes?

If you choose to participate in the Automated Giving Program, this will replace your weekly envelopes.

What about Special Collections?

With ParishPay you can specify contributions for Sundays and the Holy Days of Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, All Saints Day and Immaculate Conception.  Other special collections such as Diocesan or St. Vincent De Paul will continue to be handled via envelopes in the pews.

How do I convert from weekly giving to once-a-month giving? 

Multiply your weekly donation about by 52 and divide by 12.

Will I still continue to receive monthly envelopes?

No.  Once you establish a ParishPay account, you will no longer receive envelopes.


What about St. Vincent de Paul? 

Donation envelopes came with the monthly Sunday envelopes. St. Vincent de Paul envelopes may be found in the pews, along with envelopes for other special collections.   You may donate using the envelopes in the collection basket as always.

Where do I find my Routing and Account Information?

If you are debiting your checking account, use the illustration below as a guide.  If you are debiting your savings account you will need to phone your bank for the information.

picture of check

How are my donations credited to me? A monthly file is received from ParishPay and transferred into our parish financial system.  Your donations are credited to your account just as they were when you donated via envelopes.  With ParishPay, however, this process is automated, eliminating the need to manually open envelopes, count monies, make deposits and credit parishioner accounts. The process is greatly streamlined and much more accurate.
What is the "Please make this donation anonymous" option do? If you check this box, your donations will be transferred to the parish anonymously, without any identification of who sent it. The parish will not be able to credit your parishioner account for the donation, and you will not receive credit via the year-end 1099 form.

How secure is ParishPay?

ParishPay website and electronic transfers utilizes 128-bit encryption, the same encryption and security measures used by the Federal government and are at least as strong as most U.S. banks.  In addition you receive an email notice anytime a change is made to your account data.

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