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service learning program

  • Overview
  • Guidelines Grades 6-8

The students of St. Hedwig School participate in Service Learning throughout the year.  The objective of this program is to develop the students’ sense of community and stewardship and to establish lifelong habits of giving to others.  By serving the needs of others, our children will be empowered with the confidence to be active participants in their community.  During the school year, the entire school community, kindergarten through eighth, participates in service learning projects and experiences.

Students in each grade are involved in class projects with fellow classmates.  Each grade selects an organization to sponsor and, through a specific project or projects, serves the members of the selected organization.  The junior high students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 will additionally give a minimum ten personal hours serving groups and needy members of our community.

An important ingredient for a successful program is the student’s opportunity to reflect on their act of service.  Students will share their service experiences with peers, reflect upon the benefits of serving others, and discuss the parallels in Scripture.  Throughout the program, students are guided to reflect upon the goodness of serving others and to discover how their lives are touched forever when serving others.

Family involvement is another key element for a successful Service Learning Program.  While teachers facilitate this program in the classroom, families are encouraged to serve as role models and perform community service together with their children.  Families are invited to submit written accounts of their experiences to be included in the monthly Communicator.

With teacher guidance and family support, students play an integral role in improving the lives of others in the local community.  Together, as a St. Hedwig community, we will all “sing of the love of God” and demonstrate that “you are never too young to serve.”


The purpose of this Service Learning Program is to teach students the skills of civil participation and to develop the ethics of service and civic responsibility.  By serving the community’s needs, our children will be empowered with the confidence to be active participants in society.

Volunteer service hours will be credited to students for participating in learning experiences which directly benefit the school, the parish, or the community.  The guidelines below set forth the requirements of this individual service learning program.

● Each student in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade will be required to dedicate a minimum of ten hours per year performing community service.  6th and 7th service must be completed prior to May 31.  8th Grade service must be completed by May 20.

● Completed Service Records must be turned in to student’s homeroom teacher within 30 days of completing the project.

● Student Service opportunities will be posted and kept updated at the online bulletin board.

● If a service opportunity is not posted on the bulletin board, credit hours will not be awarded unless prior written approval is granted by the Student Service Coordinator in consultation with the student’s religion teacher.

● If you do not see a job posted but think it should qualify for service hours, seek pre-approval first if you intend to earn service credit.

● If students or families learn about opportunities in the community that may benefit from our service, please notify us regarding the specifics of this opportunity and perhaps it could be added to our bulletin board.  (Many students and families will introduce wonderful service opportunities that we would have otherwise never considered.)

● Students may not receive service hour credit for assisting with parents’ service obligation through the school’s tuition reduction service program (absent prior written approval by the Parent Board Service Job Coordinators and the Student Service Coordinator), or for assisting with any business that is owned by, operated by, or an employer of a parent or other family member.

● Scouting service projects will not count toward school service hours, unless the service performed does not contribute to credit for badges or other scouting rewards.  Scout leader pre-approval is required for such service.

● Service credit must be signed off by the adult supervisor.  Parents may not sign-off for their own child/children’s service hours.

● A Service Record Reflection Sheet must be completed for each different service job performed and returned to the homeroom teacher in order to receive service hour credit.

● An additional Service Record Reflection Sheet should be completed for classroom service projects and returned to the student’s religion teacher.

● Student’s performance of service hours, as well as completed Service Record Reflection Sheets, will count towards student’s religion grade.

● Recognition will be given at the academic year-end to students accumulating more than 50 service hours of community service.

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Acrobat File Service Records and Reflection  (print and complete by hand)